My birthday which was an amazing weekend at a Gold Mine really old ghost town / In Nevada ! I was there with The Wonderhussy who was a good friend of mine who I had connected with after I moved out here to Nevada ( how could i not with a name like that , and 2 other girls who I now call close friends as well .

 I was there with my friend the

 who I had connected with  after I moved out here to Nevada

 ( how could I  not with a name like that) ,

 and 2 other girls who I now call close friends as well .

Jessica Dawn,


Sessely .

  Our road trip started off at the hard rock in a penthouse suit  at 9 am ,

as i was walking through the lobby  trying to get a call  signal ,

 I was bought a birthday morning screw driver

 which I gladly accepted,  even though I do not drink  hard licor ever .

Then we started our road trip , a 3 hours drive out to the north east ,

We had a Vegan  birthday cake custom made for me for later ,

and an amazing bon fire out at the ghost town ,

and met all sorts of crazy characters !

 Lots of great images and made friends with some fun photographers too !

One of the most memorable birthdays ever  ,

everything happens for a reason ,

and that reason has become

The Goddess-Collective

The four of us worked so well together

we invited the two new models to be apart of

our nude modeling group .

Sept 23rd 2011 after a month of shooting in Nevada !

Where do I start , I met so many amazing talented and kind people over the past 4 weeks ,

and I feel some will be friends for a life, i am sure of it .

I will up load images as I get them from the photographers .